Chicago Metro History Fair

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Registration Allowances for Each Division

Senior Division (Grades 9-12)

  • 10 research papers
  • 10 exhibits
  • 10 performances or documentaries
  • 6 websites (if teacher is certified to compete)

Junior Division (Grades 6-8)

Schools with under 140 projects completed in grades 6-8 (not students):

  • 4 research papers
  • 4 exhibits
  • 2 performances or documentaries
  • 3 websites (if teacher is certified to compete).

If more entries are wanted for performances or documentaries only, a school may “trade” exhibit slots (for example, a school could send 2 exhibits, 3 documentaries, 1 performance). Trades cannot be made to add more website entries.  Schools may not fill unused paper, website, or documentary/performance slots with additional exhibits.

Junior Division schools with 140+ projects completed in grades 6-8 may add one entry per every 50 projects. For example, 140 projects = one additional entry in any category; 190 projects = two additional entries.  Above 240 projects, consult with History Fair staff.  Note: the operant word is projects, not students.